Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Volunteer Visit

Last weekend was our volunteer visit! I went to visit Shazia, a Community and Economic Development volunteer on the Carribean coast. The weekend was fantastic! Shazia is so happy in her site and is so well respected and loved in her community. I spent much of the weekend shadowing her, learning about the different projects she's working on and observing how she interacts within her community. The visit was such a great opportunity to see a real PCV at work. And it also was a great get-away; Shazia cooked me some lovely (non-Panamian) food, I got some R & R time on the beach, AND the chance to salsa a bit! On my way back to Panamá, I stopped off at the Carribean pueblo of Portobelo. Portobelo was the old hub for sending the riches of the New World back to Europe, and is the historical spot for pirating raids from Sir Francis Drake and Henry Morgan. It's also famous for its statue of a Black Jesus Christ. Below are some pics from the weekend.